Antes y Después

05 May Mexico | 8 comments
Antes y Después

The peeling paint on the exterior of the house really bothered TJ, whereas, I didn’t mind it too much.  In a way, I found it to be sort of charming.  But we have an agreement, the inside is my domain and the outside is his.  Overruled on this one, we had the facade painted while we were in town last week.  The men repaired the exterior.  Then, they scraped, sealed and painted the place.  

Split Personality

Minor Facelift

I’m not entirely pleased with the color.  I wanted a darker shade of green with brown undertones, more like the one here.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a HUGE improvement.   But when the sun hits the front of the house (most of the day), it looks really washed out – more of a putty color with grey/green undertones.  It looks great in the evening though.   I’m kicking myself for not going with Butternut Wood instead of Mississippi Mud.  Oh well, it’s just paint.  But I hate to be wasteful. We have a huge 5-gallon bucket (or whatever they call the Mexican equivalent) left over that’s barely been tapped, and I’m not really sure I want to use the rest.  If you can use it, just let me know, and it’s yours.  

Everyone we talked to recommended the Comex brand.  I think we ended up going with a satin finish or maybe it was semi-gloss.  Like I said before, the outside is his domain!  Anyway, the two guys at the Santa Ana Comex store (Esq 47x 60) couldn’t have been any nicer.  We had the paint delivered to the house, and it arrived pretty much on schedule - only 30 minutes later than requested!  It will be interesting to see how long it lasts before it’s time for us to paint again.

Edited on 5/6/10 -  I forgot to mention that Comex happened to be running a special.  When purchasing a big bucket, you receive a gallon for free.  One of the Comex guys pointed out to me that the promotion didn’t start until the following day, but the nice guys gave us the free gallon anyway, and we used on the trim! 

  1. Gregg

    Are you allowed to change the color of the house and I will need to get my hands on your Rolodex!

  2. Susan

    Gregg – We did check to see if we needed approval before we painted, and here’s what we were told by one of the architects we interviewed:

    Me – Does INAH have to approve the color first or can we just go ahead and paint the house?

    Arq. – In some cases yes but for your house it will not be a problem as long as we use MATE finish colors, not satin. Satin is not for downtown historic areas and it is against INAH code although lots of people use it anyway. Definitely you can go ahead and paint. There is a great paint store around the block (me – it’s actually more like 8 blocks away) from you right in Santa Ana Park corner called COMEX. Ask for the best MATE finish EXTERIOR paint and you will have it. Not satin but MATE LATEX is perfect. Make shure to ask for exterior. Satin is used outside downtown Merida. Sometimes people use satin in downtown merida and nothing happens, but it’s done at your own risk. INAH is very tuff on major historic streets like Montejo avenue, calle 60 or calle 62.

    Wow! I wish I’d paid more attention to this correspondence before we painted. I was so excited that we didn’t have to get color approval that I may have inadvertently over looked an important detail. Remember when I said I wasn’t really sure about the type of finish? Errr, I think I meant to say that we used a matte finish. Yeah, a matte finish, that’s the ticket!

  3. Susan

    Oh, and mi Rolodex es su Rolodex!

  4. Gregg

    LOL. Claro!

  5. H

    Tell TJ I think it looks great! I was hoping for pink or something though.

  6. Susan

    Oh, yes…pink! We’re saving that for the inside!!! Yeah, right!

  7. Theresa in Mérida
    Theresa in Mérida05-11-10

    Maybe it will weather to a better colour. What I have seen people do is paint big squares of the their colour choices, then look at them for awhile, they do look different at different times of the day. You could always do a thin wash of another colour and see what happens if you really hate it. I only see the outside of our house when I am leaving, so I just don’t worry about it.

  8. Susan

    Maybe it will weather, but I bet it gets more drab, not the other way around. It’s just kinda ho-hum, but I can and will live with the color until it’s time to paint again. You’re right, though! What a nice way to look at it – it’s not as if I’m standing around staring at the entrance all day. On the other hand, the cute old couple, who live directly across the street, gave us nods of approval. It is certainly an improvement, and now they don’t have to watch peeling paint as they’re sitting on their front patio in the evenings.

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