Another Gorgeous Home in Santiago

Another Gorgeous Home in Santiago

The lengthy video below features before/after photos, design insight and a tour of one mighty spectacular restoration in Santiago.

Design by architect Rubén Portela Rodríguez of AMBIENTES Architectural Design and day-to-day project management by architect Oswaldo Sánchez Castellanos, who has since branched off to open up his own firm, Punto Exacto Arquitectura.  Anyone have some feedback to offer up on either of these two?  I’m intrigued!

  1. Lee

    I don’t know anything about the architects, but I can say that Revista Ambientes is a terrific magazine, and it’s now an ipad app, so you can see more examples of architecture and design in Mexico. I like the soft colors and gently worn textures in this house. The architect said that was a conscious choice in reaction to the way materials take a beating from the climate. I just don’t know how homes with crisp lines and pristine colors survive a single season.

  2. louise

    Beautiful! I love the kitchen in particular – which Ambientes was this house featured in?

  3. John & Alan
    John & Alan09-19-11

    Great design and beautiful home. It appears to me that they used ‘cal’ paint rather than acrylic, which is what I would have used. It doesn’t blister and flake from the moisture in the surfaces. The discoloration shows through, which gives the surface that soft, worn appearance. Me like!

  4. Dianne

    Magnifica!!! Me encanto!!!!!

  5. Gregg

    i saw punto exacto’s website about a month ago. really like their work

  6. Susan

    Lee – I know! Revista Ambientes is like porn to me. I love the soft palette and lived-in elegance of this home. The owners are professional interior designers, and boy does it show!

    Louise – It was featured on the cover and article: EXEMPLARY AND SPECIAL, “Houses with Colonial Charm”
    Year 5, Issue 28, August 20

    John & Alan – I suspect you’re right, it does appear to be cal. I love the look and the practicality for Merida’s climate. Brent & Stan have a great blog post on the specifics of this type of paint.

    Dianne – Exactamente!

    Gregg – His website is great. He’s also very active on Facebook, sending out photos & project updates frequently.

  7. Raymond

    I bought a small vacation house in Santa Anna, Merida early this year and have done some work to it and have bought some furniture, the iron beds looks just like the one I bought, can hardly wait to see it this November when I return.

  8. Susan

    Congratulations on your home purchase! We’re just using our place for vacations right now, too. But someday…

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